Rant for Blogophilia Week 13.6

Juli a few years ago. Typical teen

Juli a few years ago. Typical teen

Meet Julianna. She’s sixteen going on thirty, gorgeous, intelligent and to be with her is a a joy.

Normally her theme would be An Ode to Joy. But lately she’s more likely to sing the lyrics from Pink’s Trouble.

I’m trouble

Yeah trouble now

I’m trouble y’all

I got trouble in my town

She’s a person with eclectic interests from vampire novels, poetry writing, drama and one of her favourite films is an old 60s film with John Wayne, El Dorado.

But this post is called a rant. And you want to know why? What is there to rant about?

Why is this lovely young woman singing about trouble?

That’s where the rant comes in.

Apparently a boy at school threatened her with a knife.

No she does not go to a public school in a bad area. Her school is a separate school (Catholic School Board funded publically) in one of the better areas of town.

Juli had become depressed lately, couldn’t sleep, suffered from headaches and, more worriedly, didn’t want to go to school. She loved school and is an A student. Her dad couldn’t understand what was going on.

Until she told him about the boy and the knife.

Oh yes, her parents visited the principal. Deeply concerned. Now I haven’t spoken to her father so did not get his point of view. He and my husband have talked. I gather the school and the principal are afraid of the boy. Yep, the principal is afraid of one of the students. A student in the third year of high school. Apparently the boy is big and burly, does one handed push ups, has many tats and wears his hat in class.

In the old days the separate schools here were known for a high degree of discipline. Not any more.

So what did the school do? They took away the boy’s knife. That’s it.

I learned that he sits next to her in a class. I asked if at least his seat was changed. My husband does not know. I asked if the police were called. Did they request a restraining order? A shrug from the husband. He did not know. It appears the police were not notified of the incident.

All he knows is that Juli’s doctor prescribed anti-depressants, with sometime in the future, the possibility of seeing a psychologist.

Now here it comes – the huge rant…

The school, the system and her parents are teaching this 16 year old lovely young lady that if people fear someone no action will be taken and you will be the victim with no means of closure.

Here take your pills smile, be quiet and don’t complain.

I hate to think what the medication will do to her. She is not depressed. She is frightened and I’m angry.

I’m furious.

I know Juli. I know what inappropriate meds can do to a person. I know what happens when a traumatic life experience doesn’t include closure.

I’ve spoken to people I know about this incident.. And yes the schools have a no tolerance policy for bullying. Yeah I guess as long as they’re not afraid of the bully who not only threatens my young friend but whose threats are strong enough to protect himself from the principal, her parents and the school board.

So her parents are teaching her and the school is teaching her that if someone is a bully and big and scary then they can get away with anything they please. Even though the incident was not Juli’s fault she is still the victim. And with medication she will feel even more victimized.

So the school is being compliant and allowing the boy to do what he pleases.

What do you think? Will Juli be able to put this incident behind her?

Juli last year

Juli last year

You could say Juli is a pretty pink flower whose soft dainty petals are being plucked one by one.

wirtten for

Blogophilia Week 13.6 Topic: Ode to Joy

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2 pts): Include El Dorado in your blog

(Easy, 1 pt): Incorporate your favorite song lyric

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32 Responses to Rant for Blogophilia Week 13.6

  1. kim says:

    This out right pisses me the hell off, because I was bullied severely in high school I got bullied by the principal as much as the teachers. The superintendent was a sexist Pig. I will be praying for her. So sorry I say take it to the News thatll get their attention for sure.

  2. Lisa Conrad says:

    That is so sad 😦 What are we turning into?

  3. I’d say if you are that concerned, and it certainly sounds as though you are, you might speak with Juli’s parents about escalating the situation beyond the school to the school board itself, and to the police directly. Keep in mind though that by doing so, Juli could become a target of anger and unwanted attention from the other clearly unstable teen. And as much as you may care for Juli, I hate to say it, but the line needs to stop with her parents and herself. Either they choose to take action or no one can on their behalf. I understand your rage and righteous indignation, but sometimes that is all our twisted society will allow. My best wishes for Juli, I very much hope she doesn’t become a further victim to all of this.

    Honestly, if it was that traumatic a situation for my child, I would give some serious consideration to switching schools. The school clearly can’t protect her, and if there is any backlash from action taken, Juli will be the one to suffer even more. 😦

    • Sue says:

      thanks Nina! I believe they are switching schools on another matter in Sept. And it is between Juli and her parents. I can harness my rage in a blog. And you’re right – she’d be a target

      • I wish her the best!! I hope the new school is a much healthier, more productive environment for her – and one able to ensure the safety and creativity of its students. Please let your friend know that many ‘strangers’ feel pain for her, and support her in this!

  4. Micki Hogan says:

    Call the super intendent and the adminstration office and your local newspaper,,,put a fire under their butt.. No one deserves to feel that way ever!

  5. Sue says:

    I just read 2 articles in the paper about bullying. It doesn’t matter. In one case the mother followed her daughter around. I don’t consider that a solution. In the other case the mother pulled her twin daughters out of school and home taught them. That’s not a solution either. And I doubt Juli wants the publicity from a media event.

  6. Tyler/Chuck says:

    I hope/pray she can put this behind her – it will take strength and suppost. I don’t know what has or hasn’t been discussed between the parents and the school. But the school clearly is not doing enough. There is a lot of light starting to be directed at bullying, but mostly it shows us how much needs to be done.

  7. Since this is in Canada and not the US, I’m not going to guess what the legal issues are concerning Juli’s assailant (yes, that IS what he is). I am surprised he hasn’t faced charges (he’d be looking at at least two felonies down here). But I am also willing to guess the Principal is even more scared of the boy’s parents and their attorney. He knows he would be in a no win situation if he pursued the matter.

    So, what does Juli do?
    1) She and her parents should look into getting a protective order against the boy personally. While this won’t prevent future incidents, it will provide a legal basis for further action.

    2) Juli should look into a good personal self defense course, such as martial arts. Besides being good exercise, it will provider her with situational awareness and confidence. I would offer my son’s services, but I am 1100 miles away.

    The main thing is to prove to Juli and her assailant that he can’t get away with it. Living well is indeed the best revenge.

  8. kimherndon says:

    It is her family who needs to protect her and if that means homeschooling, switching schools or what not but by covering it up nothing ever gets solved.

  9. Marvin says:

    There are way too many bullies on this planet and far to few people that will stand up to them. A school board needs to be dominant in cases like this and should have taken immediate and drastic action against this person. And law enforcement should definetly been involved.
    8 points Earthling! 🙂

  10. Myke Todd says:

    The parents are going to have to push this as far as possible, then find other avenues to push it farther. I cannot say I have dealt with such a situation, first hand, because I have not. If that happened here, the authorities would have been called, and they would have readily reprimanded.

  11. trev says:

    there’s nothing wrong with Juli!!!….
    all she was doing was getting on with her life and suddenly this stupid half whit threatened her with a knife and all of a sudden Juli needs medication???… WHY???…
    its the stupid half whit bully that needs the medication!!!!…
    as for the so called school… that need to be closed down until is gets some teachers who have compassion and guts to BE A TEACHER!!!… not a load of wimps that pander to this bullies threats!… its appalling that good tax payers money is paying this stupid school system that’s not only failing their students … it’s also failing in their duty of care as well!!!!!!!
    The school needs reporting to the education authorities as well as to the police too, with a view of prosecuting them for negligence of care towards the students in their care!!…
    Do you really think this half whit bully will stop there???… he will make (and IS making) lots of other students lives miserable too!!!… what they going to do then??… break out the medication cabinet AGAIN!!! ..
    I do hope the school gets to read this blog and the comments too Sue…
    there are ways of making sure its accidentally sent to all the school governors girl… E-Mails are accidentally send to the press too you know!!!!… *wink* …. xxx

  12. Wow…. Very sad and frustrating situation, to say the least. I hope and pray that her parents, the administration and law enforcement can get on the same page and put this guy where he belongs…. behind bars…. before something terrible happens! I certainly hope they find a solution, Sue. 😦

  13. Liam says:

    its called learn to protect herself. SHE needs to take the power and put it in her hands. a bully only stops when he has no more power. It is not the schools job. they are there to educate. School needs to stop being a “social community” its needs to be an education community.
    Her parents however it is their job to teach their daughter how to protect herself, not drug herself.
    believe me a 90 pound girl can bring down a big bury tattooed guy with ease if she HAD too. I’ve seen it done.
    I know u don’t care for guns but reality its only bullies or people who desire nothing but power over another who conduct themselves against their fellow man with weapons. BUT they DO think twice if their intended target it armed as well. whether she go to a self defense class and learn to protect that way , carry a knife and learn to properly use it. She will have the power and he will not. Please note the PROPERLY learn to use it. 99.9% of people violated with a knife are hurt by someone that really has no clue how to use a knife and could be easy disarmed. Knowledge is power when u put it to proper use. learning to protect urself is a very underestimated piece of knowledge.

  14. doris emmett says:

    Oh my…I would rant as well! This happens more often than any of us know…and it is so wrong! The victim is further victimized by the very people who should be helping. That young man shoukd be expelled & legally not permitted near that school or julie! Do I think she can put this behind her with that boy sitting next to her in class? No…absolutely not. If they won’t move him…ahe should insist on being moved! Arrrgh….the injustice deserves action!

  15. DJ says:

    Wow, I know of situations like this before. It’s a society thing. It’s either fit in or enjoy the loony bin. Sad to say. When I was a teen, I was depressed my whole life…Though I wasn’t really depressed. I just saw life from a different view. This resulted in teachers saying I was “slow” and “sad” I had to see guidance counselors on a daily basis and I had a shrink in high school I had to see three times a week. At one point she wanted to put me on Lithium. I think she should pretend to take the medication but I really don’t know how to answer this. It sounds serious because back when I went to school, kids like those were waiting for you to get off school grounds just so they can beat you up or something like that. Maybe she should go to her guidance counselor and ask for different classes that the boy isn’t in. It might make a difference..


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