WeWriWa – Treats


Happy Sunday! and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Just click the link and enjoy the participating authors.

Well readers seem to like my characters and I thank you for that. I gather you’re getting antsy waiting for  conflict. I’ve been feeding you introduction and I’m still writing — we’ll get there

We’re still in the park across from the school.


When they reached the table and unloaded their back packs, Quinn and Kelly dashed to the ice cream stand, pistachio for her and chocolate for him. 

Vonny strolled to the corner store for a cherry coke and Stone dug out a juice from his bag,  plopped down on the bench, stretched his long legs out before him,  and leaning against the table  opened his drink.

His muscles relaxed. As he gulped a large mouthful of the still cool,  orange beverage, the fizziness  tickled his nose. He appreciated the quiet. Except for the presence of him and his friends, the park, mid-morning on a week-day, was deserted. Most people were at work or in school; even the traffic sounds were muted. The group’s arrival had disturbed the birds and squirrels, and now they had fled to wherever such creatures go to hide, leaving the space to the boisterous human children.



In the first snippet –  I said they had a free period before their next class. They weren’t skipping. Robert would do that but not these kids.

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36 Responses to WeWriWa – Treats

  1. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Nice setting of the scene. Good details that draw me into that world and make me want to know more. Great 8!

  2. Ditching school to have fun, those four really ask for trouble.

  3. Nice details. good 8.

  4. Debbie says:

    Well written descriptive passage. Must go back and get caught up! I used to skip school a lot and this brings back memories. 🙂

  5. S. J. Maylee says:

    Love all the detail you give, it really puts you in the moment.

  6. Love your description of the park. It really grounded me in the scene.

  7. Lovely description as always and very nice set up of “playing hookey” from school. I wonder what trouble it will bring then – to be out and about and seen while skipping – I would never have had enough nerve for that. Great #8

  8. Carrie-Anne says:

    I like the little details you used to create this scene. And I love pistachio ice-cream!

  9. Your snippets from this piece always make me hungry!

  10. Gemma Parkes says:

    You paint a perfect picture! Love the detail.

  11. Well now we know a little more about each of them. There’s certainly a sense of anticipation building, although the scene itself was so nice and peaceful. Terrific snippet!

  12. Nice glimpse into their world. Reads very authentically. Enjoyed the snippet as always!

  13. Love your scenic description – very nice 🙂

  14. Cara Bristol says:

    Now you made me want ice cream.

  15. The way you’ve set the scene made for a very calm tone. I enjoyed reading it and desperately wanted to visit a quiet park of my own!

  16. Summer Ross says:

    Good descriptions- taste, sight, and sound.

  17. kaycimorgan says:

    Nice job setting the scene. Excellent snippet.

  18. historysleuth1 says:

    Very nice setting description Sue. We also get a good sense of how things are that time of day. Well done.
    History Sleuth’s Milk Carton Murders

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