Hump Day Hook – Stone’s Rant


Happy Hump Day.  I’m continuing with my new fantasy, coming of age WIP. To read the participating authors click on the link.

Well that was fun in the park with the four kids eating their treats and enjoying nature. What happened to Robert and Charlotte you ask?


“It  looks like summer even though it’s September  already. The trees are still green and full.” Wrinkling her nose, Quinn continued her thought.  “What’s that smell? Sage?”

“They’re the Asters,” Kelly helpfully suggested, paying more attention to his ice-cream than to Quinn’s comment.  His upper lip morphed into a chocolate mustache.

“That was interesting,” Stone commented.  Vonny sat on a spot of grass while Quinn and Kelly stood close by eating their rapidly melting gelato. They raised their brows questioningly.

“Robert’s reaction to the new girl.  He usually slouches in his seat and barely pays attention to anything a teacher says. When Charlotte smiled at him he straightened up, gave her as pleasant a look as I’ve ever seen on him, turned toward Ms Simmons, and seemed to actually listen.”

My cousin Robert is such a jerk! He should  shoot down his mother’s helicopter, grow a pair of balls and man-up.


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17 Responses to Hump Day Hook – Stone’s Rant

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  2. Elin Gregory says:

    Aww that’s a very gentle rant. 🙂 nice scene though.

  3. Jessica Subject says:

    An interesting reaction from everyone. 🙂

  4. Cathy Brockman says:

    nice interesting scene. I want to know more about poor Robert!

  5. He’d better watch out from teasing from his friends. He’s been found out 🙂

  6. R Lee Smith says:

    Very nice. I couldn’t quite figure out where the italicized part was coming from, but I imagine if the scene was a little longer, I could put it together.

  7. I think they are going to suss him out real soon…xx

  8. Hmm looks like Robert may have eyes for the new girl ^_^

  9. Great reactions there, well done.

  10. Misa Buckley says:

    Interesting scene.

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