Hump Day Hook – – The Incident


Happy Hump Day.  I’m continuing with my new fantasy, coming of age WIP. To read the participating authors click on the link.



Gladstone Thomas and his group of three, friends since birth, know exactly what awaits them when they turn eighteen. Stone’s cousin, Robert Ward, owing to his helicopter mother, Sara, is unaware of his future. Meeting Charlotte, the new girl at school, is a life changer.  Gladstone and his buddies  are witness to Robert’s  transformation  from  an  indifferent student, careless dresser and  narcissistic personality to a young man who accepts his responsibility, even if he has to convince his mother it’s the right thing to do     Once Stone learns the key position Robert will play, they must work together to ensure success.


The first line is Stone’s internal thought from last week.  And he’s the first speaker.

My cousin Robert is such a jerk! He should  shoot down his mother’s helicopter, grow a pair of balls and man-up.

“My Aunt Sara and uncle Toby aren’t raising Robert the way our parents are teaching us. Well Sara for sure, sometimes I think Toby doesn’t agree with her parenting methods.”

He recognized his tone of disgust. But it didn’t matter and anyway they’d talked about Robert many times.

“Like what?” Kelly encouraged him, in between licks of his ice-cream cone. Kelly was the kind of friend that even though he’d heard it all before he knew Stone needed to vent.

“Well remember when we were ten and the two weeks we spent at the lake? Robert  was with us too. I have no idea why.”

Vonny stood, wandered over to the dust bin and tossed  in her paper napkin, speaking as she did so. ”Yeah. I remember we walked into town.”

“Bloody long walk. Good thing we got a drive home.” Quinn added.

“Well we hitch hiked and got back after dark. Now do you remember?” Stone prodded their memories.  He took a sip of his juice holding the tin so tightly that he almost dented it.




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19 Responses to Hump Day Hook – – The Incident

  1. Jessica Subject says:

    Hmm, makes me curious as to what happened when they hitch-hiked. Nice hook!

  2. naomi says:

    Would like to find out more about the memories. Good hook

  3. Mae Clair says:

    They must be some memories given the way he’s holding his tin of juice! Ominous ending.

  4. omg, great opening line! 🙂

  5. valloryv says:

    Like the ending with the juice…makes me think something really bad happened. Great hook.

  6. Fab hook, well done!

  7. Curious to see where this is heading… I like these peeps…xx

  8. Elin Gregory says:

    Nice hook. Will be back next week.

  9. I just loved this. Such good dialogue, nice hook. Very interested to read more x

  10. Ellen Cross says:

    Oh, I get the feeling something rather dark happened on that walk. Great excerpt! I hope we see more of this one 🙂

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