Sunlight on Plant

A few shots of my only plant. I walked into the living room just as the last rays of sunlight fell on the leaves. Five minutes after I took the photos the light had vanished.


Sun light on my plant

the day fades; leaves come alive

camera quickly!


I planned to post only the first 4 taken this week. But then I remembered I had others in similar subject. So went to search for them. Not on the computer, not on mem key back ups, found some on camera chips and the rest on an old cd. Well I am consistent I use the same theme over and over.

The last pic is the same plant as the first 4. The other plant is long gone and the green vase with the paper flower still sits in the spare room surrounded by books 😀





June 2011

June 2011

Oct 2008

Oct 2008

March 2007

March 2007

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7 Responses to Sunlight on Plant

  1. someone who can grow plants – I am jealous 😉

  2. You may only have one plant, but the number of photos you take make it seem like more 🙂

    Then again, you’ve got your garden outside, right? Since I’m condo-living (with no garden), I have to be content with my indoor garden 😉

    I especially like the photo from June 11, of the now deceased plant 😀

  3. Pretty! I can’t keep houseplants alive, which is ironic as at one point in my retail career I was in charge of the houseplant department LOL!

  4. Since I’ve killed so many plants I just have artificial ones now except for one orchid that’s like Super Flower. It can’t be killed.

  5. I have a collection of orchids in my bedroom window. As a result, I also have quite a few photos of them just before the sun sets. 🙂

  6. Aaaron Lewis says:

    What a photogenic plant you have. Mine are so traumatized by my ineptitude I tend to keep the camera very far away from them and spare myself the permanent reminder that I’m Typhoid Mary where plants are concerned.

  7. Great photos 🙂


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