Hump Day Hook – – Aunt Sara


Happy Hump Day.  I’m continuing with my new fantasy, coming of age WIP. To read the participating authors click on the link.

Summer’s heat and humidity has arrived to SW Ontario – not very comfortable outdoors.



Gladstone Thomas and his group of three, friends since birth, know exactly what awaits them when they turn eighteen. Stone’s cousin, Robert Ward, owing to his helicopter mother, Sara, is unaware of his future. Meeting Charlotte, the new girl at school, is a life changer.  Gladstone and his buddies  are witness to Robert’s  transformation  from  an  indifferent student, careless dresser and  narcissistic personality to a young man who accepts his responsibility, even if he has to convince his mother it’s the right thing to do     Once Stone learns the key position Robert will play, they must work together to ensure success.


Last week we learned that when the kids were ten they walked to town while they were staying at the cottage on the lake. Then they  hitch-hiked home. Stone’s cousin Robert was with them also. We’ll never know the reason for that….unless I mention it later, hmmm that’s a thought 😀

Quinn had just mentioned that it had been a long walk to town and good thing they got a drive home.


“Shit yes,” said Vonny.

“We couldn’t go out of our parents’ sight for three days. They said it was dangerous to hitch hike and explained why. And your dad,” Kelly turned to  Quinn, “said if we did that again, which we wouldn’t, we should have called them to pick us up. They still would have been upset but they’d know we were safe.”

 The other three nodded in agreement.

 Quinn held the cone in one hand and gestured with the other toward Stone to help her remove her sweater “It’s really warm in the sun and I don’t need it.” Stone placed the garment on the table and  returned his attention to the group

“When Robert got back his dad was furious but his mum said, ‘Oh well. All’s well that ends well,’ and she didn’t punish him. End of story. She’s always cleaning up after his messes, begging the school to pass him even when he doesn’t do the work and not allowing him to develop any responsibility for his own actions.” Stone’s contempt was palpable.

Kelly  finished his cone and wiped his hands on a paper serviette. “Jeez he gloated for the whole time we were grounded. And I wish he didn’t wear his hat all the time even at meals.”

“Yup that’s another thing my aunt lets him get away with.”




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4 Responses to Hump Day Hook – – Aunt Sara

  1. Jessica Subject says:

    I certainly is hot here. Try and stay cool! Nice hook! 🙂

  2. lol those pesky aunts! Nice job!

  3. Sounds like Robert has it easy! Great hook!

  4. Great snippet, well done!

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