Come Morning for Blogophilia 25.6

Ribbons of lightening sliced through plum coloured clouds, thunder roared; the  storm erupted during the night. Pelting rain drenched the billowing starched white curtains, their hems dripped on the wood floor creating amoeba shaped pools of moisture.

Emily, drunk with cookies, lay in slumber unaware of the open window.

The curly haired blonde with a porcelain face and a blue dress that matched her eyes, the dark haired doll in the red dress and white apron and the bodacious red haired doll in the gold evening gown danced and sang as they did every night.

Calling my girl, my girl, my girl, their frenzied mirth was interrupted by the Johnny Depp pirate doll, returning home from his buccaneer tasks, who grabbed the red haired doll, and they danced away.


He wore a T-shirt


which the brunette and blonde thought offensive. The doll in the evening gown appeared to float into his arms as if on cloud nine.

The blonde and the brown haired dolls ceased their gallivanting, glanced at the other two waltzing across Emily’s dresser engrossed in each other, and frowned.

The curly haired doll turned to her friend and suggested, “We could  push him from his high shelf. That will get rid of him.”

“Barbie dolls are unbreakable. That won’t work,” retorted the brunette.

“Let’s lie down and rest while we figure out what to do. I’m sick and tired of only one boy doll in the collection and he will not dance with us,” she aimed her chin at the couple gliding around on the chest of drawers.

Golden hair next to brown hair the two dolls lay at the foot of Emily’s multi-coloured patch-work quilt and discussed their options.  Emily mumbled something about cookies in her sleep but did not awake. The sounds of the storm abated, the smell of chocolate lingered and the sound of giggling across the room tinkled like a bell.

“What kind of pirate giggled?” The blonde asked.

The brunette just shook her head.

“Maybe we can ask the cat to steal him,” wondered one.

“Maybe the dog can bury him in the garden next to the pink roses,” pondered the other. Blue eyes peered at brown eyes in despair.

The doll in the red dress with the apron said, “I have a better idea. There is only one boy doll. He interferes with our dancing and will dance only with her,” she looked meaningfully at the waltzing pair. “Maybe we could convince Emily to buy more boy dolls. Then we would all have our very own boy-toy, she coquettishly smoothed her hands down the front of  her apron.

The blonde’s blue eyes rounded. “I could get a GI Joe for me. He’s cute and he could beat up that pirate, ” she played with the bow at her waist.

“Yeah he could really do harm to that pirate and he’s cuter.” The brown eyed haired doll squealed. “I could get me an Iron Man. He would beat both of them up.”

The girl in the blue dress pinched her brows in concern. “Iron Man would be awesome but he doesn’t seem very warm and cuddly.”

“Ah,” said the brown eyed girl. “Underneath all that metal he resembles Robert Downy Jr. and I think he is wonderful;” she swooned.


Feeling the first rays of the new day the yellow haired doll roused herself from her thoughts, poked the dark haired doll gesturing to the  window, then  hollered  to the pirate to go to his place and stand on the top shelf. His dancing partner followed. The two scheming dolls climbed up, their plans on hold for another night.

Emily would wake soon and would look for her dolls.


written for

Blogophilia Week 25.6 – Prepare to Be Boarded…

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2 pts):   Use a lyric from any Temptations song

(Easy, 1 pt):   Mention a weather condition

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28 Responses to Come Morning for Blogophilia 25.6

  1. Hahaha! So funny! Love that description, especially in the first paragraph 😉

    …too bad Emily doesn’t have a brother, easy to steal his action figures 😉

  2. Marvin says:

    Sounds like the Depp doll is going to reach the DEPth of his despair soon! Loved this by the way! 8 points Earthling! 🙂

  3. Tyler/Chuck says:

    What happened to poor Ken??

  4. Myke Todd says:

    I my daughter had anything to do with this scenario, the dolls would be exchanging heads. And arms, and legs…

  5. The mind images this conjured were great!

  6. kim says:

    Loved this fun read!!! Love all the celebs johnny depp mmm and robert downy jr just as yummy!!

  7. BarbaraK aka fiddlbarb says:

    So very creative! And I love the illustrations too. Wonderful Blogophilia 25.6! Thanks so much for the smile as I read tonight. ~barb k~

  8. doris emmett says:

    Loved it…a boy doll for every girl doll is how it SHOULD be. I like the idea and if by any chance johnny depp ends up “partnerless” …I will glady do a “stand in” 😉

  9. I really enjoyed reading this, and I agree with Doris, there should be a boy doll for every girl doll! 🙂

  10. Hmmmm….. Who knew Johnny Depp preferred redheads? I sure hope the dolls all get their boy toys, after all fair is fair!!! I have some WWF wrestling figures that my son used to play with, haha…

  11. Diana says:

    Great Story! 🙂

  12. VR Barkowski says:

    This is fun and funny, Sue, a pleasure to read.

    VR Barkowski

  13. trev says:

    sorry I’m so late here Sue.. I don’t know how I missed this love… 😦 …
    but now I’m here, it bothers me that girl dolls are so bitchy!!…
    I had a girl doll when I was very young… OK OK it was just a doll, gezzzzzzz!! …
    her name was Alice and she always sat at the top of the Christmas tree each year…
    she had a dark red knitted dress… and eyes that closed when you lay her back!…
    if you tell anyone I will deny all knowledge of it!!… 🙂 .. *wink*…
    but I guess the dark red dress she wore was so the blood wouldn’t show up so much!! LOL
    I can see why the blonde and brunette and dark haired are jealous … but their first thought was to get rid of poor old Johnny Depp… What did he do?… why didn’t they go for the red head instead?
    Or is there a secret code girl dolls have and only kill boy dolls??… LOL
    I fear for Emily… she is potentially going to have a blood bath on her hands soon methinks!!
    She had better get her finger out and go shopping for some hunky boy dolls quick!!
    how about the older boy dolls?… more mature and frankly less trouble than the Johnny Depp kind of loutish doll I would say… or do girl dolls like bad men like most women do?… *wink* .. 🙂
    loved the story Sue… we need a part two right?… you can’t just leave it there like this girl!!!.. xxx

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