The Hanging for Blogophilia 33.6


I don’t like loose ends.

And that’s what got me into trouble.

I couldn’t trust the hangman to do the job right. I mean really he’s not the brightest crayon in the box; it’s the lowliest job in the village.

Roland Nichols would be hanged in the town square at two p.m. A crowd gathered and a barré went up to prevent people from getting too close. Don’t be curious, be judgmental. *

I had come to collect him with orders to get the job done or else. I accept reality and dare not question it. So I wasn’t taking any chances and arrived to check that everything was in order. It was. No loose ends dangled from the secured knot.

I glanced into the crowd and spotted a woman with white hair, brown eyes and a blue dress. She appeared as any other woman in the crowd but I recognized her for what she was. A witch.

 Unfortunately she recognized me for what I am.

The woman fingered a large book with no cover. Her lips moved as she murmured.

Roland Nichols, still alive, hit the ground.

Someone shouted. “A raven!”

A vortex of nothingness swooped me up and dragged me down into its midst.


written for

Blogophilia Week 33.6 – A Book With No Cover

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2 pts): quote Walt Whitman

(Easy, 1 pt):  use a ballet term

* quote is Be curious not judgmental


EDIT: Before you comment please read existing comments for clarification

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27 Responses to The Hanging for Blogophilia 33.6

  1. BarbaraK aka fiddlbarb says:

    Chilling indeed and so wonderfully creative. I love it!

  2. Not fun when you meet your match too late to do anything about it.

  3. jabeardrf says:

    Love the density of implied world building.

  4. Well, at least the witch did his job for him, since he couldn’t trust the hangman 😉

  5. Josh says:

    So …. what WAS he? That part I was left confused by, unless it’s related to your other series?

  6. Chuck/Tyler (you choose) says:

    I am actually a fan of loose ends, or maybe its more of a case of not trusting anything thats too tidy??

  7. kim says:

    Loved it!!

  8. LOL! His suspicions were justified, it seems 😉

  9. Myke Todd says:

    I suppose any chance of getting even flew out of the midst, along with him?
    Man, I hate when that happens.

  10. Marvin says:

    Somehow, reading the comments left me wanting clarification of the comments! I understood the story quite well. Is this just a tantalizing morsel of a story we shalll not see again or will there possibly be more?

    8 Bewitched points Earthling!

  11. trev says:

    there should be more Marvin!!…
    Sue you can’t leave us HANGING like this girl!!!!…. LOL
    This is brilliant.. you draw a picture of intrigue in the first two sentences Sue…
    then you plunge me into a world of darkness and depravity where justice is only secondary, as evil has its presence everywhere…
    Then to see how the evil’s do battle as each do their best to ensure their outcome they are destined to do…
    And Raven is the loser in this conflict of unnatural beings.. As the white haired witch sends him packing into a black hole of emptiness…
    But is she a white witch, a messenger of good and not bad evil?
    Where has the Raven gone? …
    Will he return in a flash with the help of his master?
    and who is this guy Roland Nichols?…
    why are the evil dealers so interested in him dying or saving?

    so many questions Sue,… all forged by this little snippet you have fed us all with….
    you tease me to distraction girl… you can’t just leave me here without another snippet in sight!
    And yes I loved it… so short and so full of intent and cloak and dagger suspense…. xxx

  12. kim says:

    Wow wow wow this was awesome but you got to continue this bc you cant leave us hanging like this…..

  13. Blue fooldude says:

    Love it when evil fights evil, but in this instance are all of the participants truly evil?
    Sorry am commenting while at work and not focusing on this as I should be. There is much that is hidden and that makes the curious curiouser and the mystery more complex. Would like to see more but know that you have other story lines and characters to consider and this may have a subliminal influence on those.

  14. Eccentricity says:

    Creepy! 🙂 You are such a good writer, my friend.

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