WeWriWa – Nineteen Hundred


Happy Sunday! and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Just click the link and enjoy the participating authors.

Haven’t posted in a while as trying to organize my WIP. In the meantime please enjoy Nineteen Hundred  the prequel for the Soul Collector’s Second Chance,

Miss Kathryn St. Clair lifted her red velvet skirt, descended the stairs, and upon hearing the clock in the foyer chime eight, walked faster toward the enticing aroma coming from the kitchen.

As she approached the room, she spotted a vase of colorful flowers in the center of the plain wood table, now covered with a white, lacy cloth; crystal goblets glittered and fine china had replaced the everyday dishes.

The date was December 31, 1899.

Arriving at the transformed breakfast room, she steered toward an empty seat where Mr. Henderson, another lodger at the house, stood holding her chair. Smiling a “Thank You”, Kathryn sat and gazed in awe at the food spread out before her. She hadn’t seen the likes of such a laden table since leaving home.

A tureen of soup sat at the head of the table.  Mrs. Hodgson, the owner of the boarding house, picked up the ladle to dish out a serving for her boarder.





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20 Responses to WeWriWa – Nineteen Hundred

  1. Myke Todd says:

    Miss Kathryn exudes style and grace, and commands the attention of this, or any room.

  2. Heather Boyd says:

    Great scene. It’s very clear that Kathryn is enjoying her current location very much. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed all the description, seemed like a very welcoming place. Terrific snippet!

  4. Sarah W says:

    What a beautiful scene! She must be staying at quite the fashionable establishment. 🙂

  5. Very descriptive scene 🙂

  6. The MC does exude a sense of style and the description was lovely. Made me hungry reading it. Sounds like the beginning of what might prove an enjoyable evening.

  7. Millie Burns says:

    I’m enjoying seeing the world…or the boarding house, through Kathryn’s eyes!

  8. What a vivid description of the boarding house. Well done.

  9. Can I come for dinner? The way you described it was very visual, made me want to be there too!
    History Sleuth’s Milk Carton Murders

  10. VR Barkowski says:

    Love this scene, Sue. Lots of compelling description. Beautifully done!

    That said, is there a reason they’re eating dinner in the breakfast room? If there’s a designated breakfast room, there would also be a dining room, and I am assuming it’s dinner because it happens at eight—and not eight in the morning because there’s a tureen of soup. You know how nit-picky I can be. 🙂

    VR Barkowski

    • Sue says:

      As I said in the excerpt, the breakfast room has been transformed. There is no dining room. This is a boarding house where breakfast is provided but no other meals. Except for this night.

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