No NaNo

No NaNo this year since last year’s Nano is the outline for current WIP. By the end of last November I had still been stuck with plot holes. However due to the screen writing class that problem is solved but it means thoughtful writing and will be slow.

NaNo was great to get ideas thrown down quickly.

Unfortunately my former crit partners are all busy writing their own books so not sure what I will do for beta readers when it is somewhat completed.

At the moment I’m working on an exciting new project which, real life permitting, should be fruitful early in the new year 🙂

Thanks for the visit and have yourself a great NaNo month. 😀

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10 Responses to No NaNo

  1. Mae Clair says:

    I’m starting my first NaNo tomorrow and looking forward to the experience. Congrats on your exciting new project. I love how something like that gets creative energy flowing! 🙂

  2. Josh says:

    Ah, yeah: I have one friend who didn’t do nano last year for the same reason. I shall see what this years brings myself: I made a point of not having anything I had to set aside to work on it, which is a bonus…

  3. Heather Boyd says:

    I’m not doing NaNoWriMo but its a fantastic experience. You really find your limits in that one. Mentally (showing up each day) and physically (how long you can sit and write) LOL What’s the book you need a crit on? I may be available to help.

  4. Well, by December, most NaNo-ers will be so burned out on their own stories that they’ll be aching to read something different 😉

    Or, like me, read only comic books for several weeks 😉

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