WeWriWa – New Day


Happy Sunday! and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Just click the link and enjoy the participating authors.

Well winter is here I guess. Had snow this week.

Carrying on with Nineteen Hundred  my Victorian short story, It’s the morning of January 1, 1900.

Be patient. Mr. Thomas will appear shortly. This is a period piece you know 😀


Nineteen hundred dawned clear and sunny, cold, true, but Kathryn’s warm dreams for what her new life might bode insulated her from the chill.

By the time she entered the breakfast room, now restored to its dark dreary attitude, she found that she was the last one to rise.

I’ve never slept so late in my life. The thought both amused and shocked her at the same time. 

After she ate her toast and drank her tea, she decided a day of leisure for herself, a rare treat, would be a brilliant way to start the new era.

She used the small water closet at the end of the hallway and retrieved her cloak and bonnet from the pegs close to the door.

Shivering with the coolness, and with the anticipation for her day of exploration, she carefully closed the door behind her and stood on the stoop gazing out to the street.

She tucked her petite hands into the blue muff which matched the rest of her ensemble.








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22 Responses to WeWriWa – New Day

  1. Great use of descriptions in this snippet. Nicely done!

  2. Sarah Cass says:

    A day of leisure certainly is a wonderful way to start a new era. I look forward to Mr. Thomas showing up.

  3. Nice way to start the new day & New Year, wish I could go for a walk with her in that crisp air, loved the description. Great snippet!

  4. S.J. Maylee says:

    I too want to take that walk with her. The descriptions pulled me in and made me want to join her which for me would simply include turning the page. Well done.

  5. Cara Bristol says:

    Nice look at the year 1900.

  6. Millie Burns says:

    So delightful. I could envision her going through her morning routine and stepping out into the cool crisp air : ) Looking forward to the arrival of Mr. Thomas.

  7. Last one to rise — who else is in the house?

  8. Very descriptive. I hope she finds a nice adventure.

  9. Gemma Parkes says:

    Fantastic imagery and well thought out descriptions, loved it!

  10. Roberta Blue says:

    “What her new life might bode” – anticipation of what may come. And I want to know more!

  11. Nice start of the New Year, I wonder where she will be going from here.

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