WeWriWa – The Zoo


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Carrying on with Nineteen Hundred  my Victorian short story, It’s the morning of January 1, 1900.

Though Kathryn planned to explore the neighbourhood, the arrival of Mr. Thomas led to a change of plans. At his suggestion, she accompanied him to the zoo.

These are my eight

They spent a pleasant day at the zoo observing the bear, the tiger that resembled a larger version of her cat at home and the lion, supposedly the king of the jungle, who simply squatted there and stared back at the couple, not putting on any show at all.

             Mesmerized, they stood before the zebra enclosure. “The animals look like inmates in a prison,” Kathryn remarked in a somber tone of voice. “And they seem so sad; their eyes appear as if they’ve been crying. These animals are beasts of nature but men in prison are also beasts, only of their own making.”

             Mr. Thomas peered at her with curiosity. “You do not have sympathy for convicts?”

            “No, not really. If they are incarcerated they must have done something to deserve their punishment.”


However later He has this thought


As Mr. Thomas traveled to his appointment, he mulled over the afternoon. Miss St. Clair seemed a very generous woman but she appeared to show no kindness for those  that society deemed guilty, whether or not they in fact deserved the punishment doled out to them.






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24 Responses to WeWriWa – The Zoo

  1. Gemma Parkes says:

    Thought provoking eight. I love the descriptions of the animals, especially the non performing Lion!

  2. You’ve done an excellent job of using her reaction to the zoo animals to show insight into your character. It makes for a very enjoyable snippet.

  3. Marcia says:

    Yup, nice way to show us something relevant instead of just blandly having her state something. Descriptive, emotive, nice!

  4. Interesting way to give an insight into her character (and I appreciate the extra-snippet insight into his thoughts). Excellent excerpt!

  5. Cara Bristol says:

    How (un)nice and tidy some judgments are. Nice insight into her character.

  6. Yes, the legal system is far from perfect. As DNA evidence is increasingly showing.

  7. Good snippet–wonderful insight into her character… and certainly food for thought. She has a bit of an uncharitable streak. 🙂

  8. Sue says:

    Well this incarnation of the character does I guess ….

  9. I really do think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the zoo animals. They are in prison.

  10. Millie Burns says:

    It makes me wonder if he’s ever been wrongly accused…or know someone who has. Interesting : )

  11. sara says:

    VERY deep eight, Sue. Love it!

  12. J.A. Beard says:

    Interesting character insight.

  13. Myke Todd says:

    I had an epiphany once, at the zoo… I wondered, if the animals were watching us, sadly shaking their heads and thinking, “Look at all those poor homeless people.”

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