The Feud for Blogophilia Week 42.6

Witch from Google

Old Hannah was a witch. Over a century ago she cast a spell with dire consequences beyond her imagination.

The Pelletier and the Goode families, one, French, the other English, had a history of disputes. By 1895 the feud had been ongoing for decades. Only one family, chosen by elected officials, could dominate the fishing rights for the Halifax area.  They for that year chose English again for reasons of their own. This decree angered Guillaume, the eldest Pelletier son. For most of his life the English had dominated the fishing industry. Therefore they received the bulk of the profits from selling to the families, shops and restaurants in that part of Nova Scotia. The French retained secondary rights meaning that any additional sea food needed by the members of the community could be sold by the Pelletier family. Naturally their household was poorer than the Goode’s with a smaller house, even though they had more children and clothing had to be sewn by his mother rather than purchased from a seamstress. But he has a plan.

Guillaume, Bill,  in English, heard rumours of a very powerful witch, Hannah. He hunted out the source of the gossip and sent her a message expressing his desire to meet with her.  The reply agreed to his request. The date arrives. The moon is full. The spring night is clear. Bill directs his black (naturally) horse to the sorceress’ hovel two miles outside of town.    His is a simple plea: Make Andrew evil and not the good man the locals perceive him to be. Then he, Bill, will get the trawling rights.  Hannah consents on condition that Bill pays her a percentage of the income he will make when he has the prime  fishing rights.

Hannah’s shack is dark, lit only by a few candles and the glow of the full moon reflecting off the window glass. She begins to chant, flutters her hands in the air, then pricks Bill’s finger adding his blood to a small ceramic bowl which emits a smoldering vapour.

Unfortunately for Bill, Hannah is at an advanced age, her eyesight is going, as a result of the inadequate illumination of the day and her vanity precludes the use of spectacles. The book of shadows, her bible for spells, is written in a tiny hand. She mistakes one word for another. Instead of making Andrew Goode evil she turns him into a werewolf. Which could be construed as evil, I suppose. Due to  her addled mind she mispronounces another word and Andrew is sent over a century into the future. And owing to her forgetfulness, she speaks the lycanthropic curse twice thus sending both men, turned into werewolves, into the future.

Her muddled curse gave an unknown caller, from just beyond — the clown in the moon — a good laugh.


A peek into the future

Andrew Goode is thrust into present day Halifax as a werewolf due to a witch’s spell gone wrong over a century earlier. He lives a solitary life resigned to his fate and succeeds in his inner struggle not to surrender to his beastly instincts. But he knows he will have to thwart his arch rival Guillaume Pelletier, who has also traveled to the present and who indulges in his greedy pleasures through committing heinous crimes completely allowing his new persona to dominate his actions.  When Andrew meets Tabitha Richards and learns her secret they combine their wits and powers to destroy Pelletier once and for all and to end the decades old dispute. If an inquisitive barman forces their plans to go awry  the simple life they picture together will never become reality. If they manage to remove the lycanthrope curse Andrew may return to his own time.


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written for
Blogophilia Week 42.6 Topic – From Just Beyond
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) –  Incorporate a Dylan Thomas title
(Easy, 1 point) – Include an unknown caller
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12 Responses to The Feud for Blogophilia Week 42.6

  1. Ah, the backstory. Guillame seems to be typical Acadian. There was a reason they were kicked out of the area.

  2. Myke Todd says:

    But, if he returns to his own time, what of Tabitha?

    Oh… spoilers.

  3. Marvin Martian says:

    and so we laugh together. me and the clown in the moon!! 8 points, earthling!! 😀

  4. Blue Fool says:

    Fascinating, the implications of a misplaced word and the resulting diversions of paths laid in plans gone awry.

  5. BarbaraK aka fiddlbarb says:

    Such wonderful storytelling. I love it!

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