WeWriWa – Christmas Eve


Happy Sunday! and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Just click the link and enjoy the participating authors.


Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

 I’ve been busy attending to other projects but ran across this when searching for something to subject to my writing group. It’s a snippet from one of my WIP

 Happy and prolific New Year to everyone.


On the 24 of December Fiona arrived home from work at noon.  She peeked through the front room window. 

Her son Duncan was touring the Christmas tree no doubt in an attempt to decipher which   gifts might be his and what they might contain.

 Dressed in a  pair of old jeans  only worn at home, and two inches too short.  Making his bare toes appear freakishly elongated.

 Finally feeling chilled she let herself into the house giving her boy enough time to get to the couch and pretend to watch TV.

He would not wish to be caught eyeing the gaily coloured packages like some kid.

At sixteen and in their culture he was considered an adult.



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19 Responses to WeWriWa – Christmas Eve

  1. Ha! At Christmas, inside we’re all little kids. lol. Nicely captured sentiment! Good 8 🙂

  2. Nice little family scene, loved it!

  3. ldsmith1818 says:

    Love the tiny little details here. very emotional but subtle. Well done!

  4. Sarah Cass says:

    What a realistically depicted scene. I love it…sounds like my household.

  5. Kate Warren says:

    I like the conflict between boy and man that he’s experiencing over his presents. Very realistic.

  6. Everyone is a kid at Christmas. Nice job setting the scene.

  7. I liked the description implying how fast he’s growing.

  8. Oh, and I’m here, just forgot to sign up.

  9. Sigh, thought my ipad problems were solved with blogs, but the case of the missing comment strikes again!
    I remember commenting how realistic this scene was, right down to the too short pants we all kick around the house in. Well done!

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