BrightHaven for Blogophilia 14.7

Home in Rosedale Toronto


BrightHaven: a suburban enclave not too far from a large city. It could be anywhere in the world; anywhere you wish to be.

The houses are varied in style and size, all with large lots, parks are scattered throughout with play areas for children, benches for sitting and flower gardens for esthetics.

A large shopping centre is located in the middle of the area with smaller shops and conveniences close to each residential area including fine dining, entertainment complexes, sports arenas and houses of worship.

BrightHaven offers quiet streets, amiable residents and good schools.

We understand why many homeowners might wish to avoid such a community. When one thinks of conflicts in suburbia, arguments over fence placement, property lines pooping dogs and noise come to mind. We agree. Pettiness has no place in your life. BH is different. We cannot guarantee there will be no disagreements with other residents but we do promise they will be neither petty nor mundane. The challenges in BrightHaven are different, and complex, taking ingenuity and creativity to resolve. It might be a cliché to say you never know who lives next door but in BrightHaven the neighbors aren’t your run of the mill accountants, teachers, CEOs or doctors. Just what they are is for you to determine. You can choose your neighbours. They may be many things but ordinary is not one of them. Come on and visit. You might be surprised at the quiet serenity picturesque landscape and sweet air where you can taste the freedom to be yourself without fear of judgment and no need to conceal your true nature. Eeveryone is unique.

BrightHaven is nothing like the bedtime stories your mother read. It’s more like the tales told around a camp fire or the narrations that come to mind when a back cat crosses your path. Nobody gets too much heaven no more.


Written for
Blogophilia Week 14.7 Topic: Bedtime Stories
 Bonus Points:
 (Hard, 2 points) Include a black cat crossing your path
 (Easy, 1 point) Incorporate a Bee Gee’s lyric
prompt pic

prompt pic


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19 Responses to BrightHaven for Blogophilia 14.7

  1. Marvin Martian says:

    I’ll try this again.

    You have found my neighbors!!! 8 points, Earthling!! 😛

  2. Steven Clark says:

    I get the feeling there’s more to this story……lol

  3. Choose your own adventure, eh? Would your choices truly be what they seem?

  4. Leta says:

    Hmm.. there’s something more than meets the eye, yes?

  5. Sue says:

    ok – so you got the point – I may need your help for this project

  6. Beautiful and somewhat overwhelming if not due to neighbors just the idea of living in such a story-like area. Still, beautiful … perhaps a fitting vacation spot.

  7. Tyler/Chuck says:

    Wow – you can choose your neighbors. Love that concept. wonder if anyone would choose me??

  8. Interesting. Is there some secrets about this neighborhood we should know about?

  9. BarbaraK aka fiddlbarb says:

    So very creative. I love it! Quite an out-of-this-world place you describe.

  10. trev says:

    the picture you have here Sue tends to move me to certain stereotypes so I will tip it upside down and look to the crazy for neighbours… now you visited me so you know I can do crazy neighborhood people right?.. LOL…
    OK I hope this is what your getting at Sue…
    in the street but not next door (thats later) I would have the Adams Family with a convent, opposite them, for unruly grandparents ….
    at the other end of the street I can see house converted to make coffins in secret, run my unsuccessful surgeons, to help cover up their mistakes…
    next door, to my left, I can see a house owned by the slimmer of the year, who secretly makes cheese cakes and eats them in the dead of night…
    next door to my right, I can see a house owned by an unsuccessful demolition expert who advertises in all the local and national terrorists papers for work…
    in fact much like the place I live now Sue…. LOL…
    I love how you feel my imagination girl… again this is by no mean an exception Sue.. love it 🙂 xxx

  11. When I started reading, the tone/style reminded me of a real estate advert for an upscale town house complex/village… but that quickly changed and an ominous tone seeped in…
    Only at the end did I realise this was in response to a prompt.
    And I really loved where you took the prompt… and the incorporation of the Bee Gees song at the end was the icing on the cake!
    I loved it!

  12. irene says:

    Must be nice to be able to choose your neighbors~

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