Time for Blogophilia 11.7



Time changes point of view
“they” say
The months passed

and now
my heart is comfortably numb

though the darkness of your touch still lingers

still I am needing you to be with me

You promised you wouldn’t walk away
and you didn’t
You were a sweet temptation but I knew it wouldn’t last
when we met fate smiled and left
thinking his work done

Please, don’t let me fall in love with you again


that’s it – ran out of time lol – all the prompts in with several song lyrics


Written for
Blogophilia Week 11.7 Topic: Point of View

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate a lyric from the singer/poet Jewel

(Easy, 1 point) Include the phrase “a touch of darkness”

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I had so much fun last time with this group – am doing it again


I really don’t have time as going on holiday in two days –but I couldn’t resist — my impulse control is turned off.



Answer the question – Why do birds suddenly appear?

in 42 words exactly


The forest.

Dark, silent.

No breeze rustles the leaves.

Rotting, decaying stench.


The townspeople cower in fear, whispers circulate.

A figure stands clothed in white with raised hand.

The shadows dissolve. Vegetation sprouts, green and alive. A bird sings its song.





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A-Muse for Blogophilia 10.7

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]


For the second year I decided to participate in the A-Z Blogging Challenge.  Each April bloggers write for 26 days (Sundays off). Each day is a consecutive letter of the alphabet.

The half life of the blogging challenge was over on April 15. We’re down to the final stretch only three days remaining. I reached  my goals of meeting new people, learning new information and having fun.

The challenge  entails visiting others’ blogs (there are 2000 on the list) and responding to comments on my posts. No, I don’t visit all the entries. I pick my favs and occasionally find new ones of interest.

I’m also planning a holiday for the beginning of May. If anyone out there lives near Ann Arbour Mich or Chicago or Pittsburgh – message me and we can visit 😀

The blogs I visit regularly include:
a friend here in Ontario whose zombie apocalypse story is tense and engrossing

A friend in New York who writes horror with a pretty prose poem randomly thrown into the mix

Several writers with creative methods of talking about writing tips

A woman who does parodies of romance novels including the art. A very fine line between parody and reality

My good friend in the UK who is doing character snippets this year

and several book review posts

However one of my favs is Moe D’Vation Meets the Girl
Moe is a Muse, Italian, smelly stogie in hand and a comb over.

He gives advice to the girl as she pecks out keys on her laptop. He does this in an Italian accent and the reader wonders just how big is he in the mob?

As I was reading Moe’s latest adventures the other day (he wanted to teach the girl how to make a proper spaghetti sauce but instead caused a huge fire) I felt a poking in my elbow.

When I turned away from my monitor Robert was sitting next to me. Robert is a character from an unfinished novel. In that book called The High Price of Mortality he is the only one who I don’t know too well even though his role is integral to the plot  line.

Unconsciously he had been running around in the back of my mind and now here he was to personally remind me that he needed attention.

I mentioned Robert to Moe who told me to tell Robert that good things come to those who wait.
Well that wasn’t going to work. I’m impatient so it makes sense that my characters are also.

I did break down and printed out my notes about Robert and when I get a free minute will try to piece together a coherent back story for him.
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. Tomorrow is another day to separate the mistakes from the art in Robert’s story

For those of you who cannot understand how characters can sit next to you and annoy you – write more then you’ll understand. 🙂


Written for
Blogophilia Week 10.7 Topic: Tomorrow Is Another DayBonus Points:(Hard, 2 points) Quote Scott Adams

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

(Easy, 1 point) Integrate a half life

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The Visit

Couldn’t resist trying this challenge again.


Answer the question – Have all your clocks stopped?

in 42 words exactly

I sensed a change in the air, a tranquility.

“Hello Susan.” The rocking chair stirred.

“Bob is that you?” After forty years we spoke. I didn’t ask how.

At the end of the visit the grandfather clock in the living room chimed.


Bob was my boy friend killed in Viet Nam




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For the Points for Blogophilia 9.7

Charles Babbage


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



Charles Babbage a mathematician and the founder of the modern computer.  lived during the golden age of music and considered telegraph machines to quickly convey information.
Well, looky here. He never envisioned computers in every home and a band called the Smeezingtons.


written for

Blogophilia Week 9.7 Topic: Golden Age of Music

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate a quote from Charles Babbage

Telegraphs are machines for conveying information over extensive lines with great rapidity.

(Easy, 1 point) Include a lyric from a Bruno Mars song

looky here looky here from Runaway Baby

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The Rescue for Blogophilia 8.7

Google Image

Google Image


Me and Steve were just hanging around. No school for us, both kicked out.

The bridge was old, crumbling and rusted. What little of it survived the conflagration two years ago so I placed my feet on what solid footing I could find. Didn’t wanna get thrown into the river beneath.

I glanced at Steve to see if he had found anything interesting. “What’s that red thing down below?” A feeling of apprehension hooked me in the gut.

“Geeze it’s a kid. The current is pulling him under.”

“He’s too little to over power it and it looks like  his big rubber ball bobbing in the other direction.”

“He musta tripped and fell.”

“Yep the end of the pier probably collapsed.”

We were good swimmers so we jumped into the water. Man it was cold.

Steve captured the kid, gripping the boy by his coat. We managed to haul him to dry land.

“James, are you okay?” Are you okay James?”

I coughed up sludge and slime grimacing at the sour taste of the filthy liquid. “Yeah I’ll live.”

Steve called 911. While we waited for the ambulance we leaned against the abutment and caught our breath. The child sat on the ground matching me cough for cough. He would be fine.



Written for
Blogophilia Week 8.7 Topic: Hooked on a Feeling
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate echolalia (echo-like repetition of another’s words)
(Easy, 1 point) Include a conflagration


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this seems to be addictive – am doing it again

Hope it’s not too “off the wall”



Answer the question – Do you see her much?

in 42 words exactly

 Hand in hand she is always by my side. Never far from reach. When I cry, she cries. If I sleep she kicks me. It would be nice to be free and crawl away. Or so I imagine.
Co-joined twins, Mother frowns.




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