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Nunavut for Blogophilia 29.5

Most people probably never heard of Nunavut, the newest Canadian Territory in the Arctic, as of April 1, 1999, when it separated from  the Northwest Territories. Bernie and I spent a week there in August, 1999. The flight from Iqaluit, … Continue reading

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Houston Photo-Blog for Blogophilia 48.4

                        written for Blogophilia 48.4 Topic: “If I Ruled the World” Bonus Points: (Hard, 2pts): quote Lucretius (Easy, 1pt): include Baklava pic 1 is for topic pic 4 is … Continue reading

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Houston for Blogophilia 45.4

The six kids, with Nate, are in the diner discussing their author and her recent trip toHoustonTexas. “She forgot all about us!” Joey’s anxiety propelled his pacing around the diner. He walked back and forth from their booth to the … Continue reading

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Wind Turbines and G Stings for Blogophilia 22.4

Frank and his brother are twins with different dates of birth. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, doesn’t it? Not a joke, but a true story; trust me. Meeting interesting people is always a treat; and the great … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Mistress in New Orleans Blogophilia 47.3

Hi! Remember me? I’m the Devil’s Mistress. For those of you who forgot my story I’ll try to summarize  I am the Devil’s Mistress, not the Devil Himself (who I refer to as Mr.D, my lover’s boss). My lover is … Continue reading

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New Orleans Photo blog for Blogopohlia 45.3

So I took over 200 pics – here is s sampling  Our holiday this year consisted of sightseeing and learning about New Orleans. No swim in the ocean this trip  Interestingly for bonus points this week we had to incorporate … Continue reading

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Mulates Restaurant New Orleans

 http://www.mulates.com/ Turns out I don’t like the taste of ‘gater – too fishy tasting and sort of tough texture, which is not surprising, but the bread pudding for dessert was lip smacking good and the hurricane drinks went down sooo … Continue reading

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