T is for Trees

Welcome to a tour of my blogs written for the A-Z challenge.

Today is April 23rd   and the Truthful   letter T

A small photo blog





Trees are one of my fav subjects to photograph. What are yours?

Tripping off to read your Tantalizing Tidbits

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7 Responses to T is for Trees

  1. I LOVE trees! 🙂


  2. Mae Clair says:

    I love trees, the older and more gnarled the better! For photographing, anything located along a coast line or beach usually draws my eye and camera.

  3. Enid says:

    Trees are wonderful – maybe I should do “a month of… trees”…(you just gave me an idea!) I loved taking pictures of doors, windows and anything colorful.

  4. You’ve captured some interesting twists and lighting. I love photographing lighthouses and boats.

  5. VR Barkowski says:

    Love trees and these pics are all unique and fabulous! On my old blog, I wrote a post called “Homage to Favorite Trees” where I posted some of my tree photos. Maybe one day I’ll resurrect the post from MacJournal. When I travel I also love taking pictures of doors and dogs and cats.

    VR Barkowski

    • Sue says:

      Well your comment is a blog in itself. So true. This is the second version of the story and I do have part 2 someplace on my computer…

  6. Great photos, but I love the second one the most!!

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